Creality 3D - CR-X 2 Color

Large volume 3D printer with dual color! Comes standard with LCD screen, heater bed and SD card slot

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Creality 3D - CR-X 2 Color

Product description

Large volume 3D printer with dual color! Comes standard with LCD screen, heater bed and SD card slot

The CR-X 2 color kit contains three main parts, which are quick and easy to assemble with minimal hardware experience. The printer comes with filament run-out detection, which pauses the print and waits for filament replacement if it runs out mid-print. Using the SD-card slot and LCD screen you can print stand-alone, so a computer is not necessary. The heater bed has been upgraded with an adhesion-improving coating.

The frame is made from aluminum V-slot extrusions and in combination with the bowden system for the extruder, results in a lightweight, sturdy frame with 0.1mm Z-axis print precision. The lead screws on the Z-axis will add to the quality of the prints. You need to feed gcode files to print, which can be generated using free software like Slic3r or Cura.

Included are tools for assembly and a small piece of filament. We recommend including a spool of Real filament in your purchase to start 3D printing right away.


Build volume

Bed width 30 cm
Bed Depth 30 cm
Build Height 40 cm

Extruder properties

Number of extruders 1
Nozzle diameter 0.4
Filament types PLA, PETG
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Hot-end type MK8
Max. heated bed. temp. 100 °C


Width 60 cm
Height 59 cm
Depth 61 cm


Stepper drivers 4
Screen type 128x64 Graphical
Control buttons 1


Heated bed

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