Expansion header breakout board
For Duet 2

Duet 2 expansion board to add external stepper drivers
  • 5V logic differential output
  • Five stepper outputs provided
  • Step, dir and enable pins broken out
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Product description

This original Duet3D breakout board connects to second generation Duet boards ( Duet 2 Wifi or Duet Ethernet) expansion header and is specifically designed for external drivers that take differential signals at 5V, so your 3D printer or CNC machine printer can take advantage of heavy powered stepper motors that the normal Duet stepper drivers cannot support.

It breaks out each of the five Expansion header stepper channels as follows:


It also breaks out heater 6 and 7 signals to 5V. The documentation is published on the wiki I​​​​​​t comes with Molex KK compatible connectors and crimps, along with the 50way IDC cable to connect to the Duet expansion header.

Note: it is not compatible with older first generation versions of the Duet (0.6, 0.8.5).



GTIN 8719345006128
External stepper drivers 5
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 5 V
£ 34  incl VAT In stock
11 in stock in NL, shipping in 7-12 days

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