PanelDue controller & cable only
Version 3

LCD controller board to add a LCD screen to the Duet controller boards
  • Controller board and wiring only
  • Compatible with Duet2 and 3 boards
  • Works with the Reprap Firmware
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Product description

This original Duet3D addon enables you to control your 3D printer or CNC machine using a SSD1963 touch display. The board can be powered using the 5V power from host 3D printer controller and is connected using the supplied 2-wire async serial interface cable. Configuration and use is very easy thanks to the user-friendly ReprapFirmware interface. Connections to the external SD card socket that is included on most compatible displays is available via a 10-way ribbon cable connector on version 2.0 PanelDue boards.



GTIN 8719345006159
MPN PanelDue_0_v3.0
LCD Controller only
£ 37.75  incl VAT In stock
Only 1 left, order now!

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